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Kusari Fundo Kihon - Weighted Chain 

Often referred to as the Ninja’s Nunchuk the Kusari Fundo 鎖分銅 (Weight Chain) predates most of the  martial arts weapons seen today. Although this weapon was not intended to take a life, it was used as a weapon to disarm, takedown, arrest, and control attackers and trespassers of ancient Japan. Commonly carried by samurai guards of sacred grounds, this weapon was used when killing was forbidden, and needing to stop bladed attacks were commonplace.

Today this weapon can be used with many common day household items, and is considered one of the most practical and translatable weapons of our time. Anything from your belt, purse strap, headphones, and any other rope you can get your hands on, the possibilities are endless! In our class you will learn find multiple uses for items you typically carry and wield them with ease for self-defense purposes against armed and unarmed attackers. Learn traditional stances, how to conceal your strikes, and the dynamics of using this tool for your advantage!

What will I learn?:

  • History of the Kusari Fundo

  • 13 Kusari Kamae (stances)

  • Over 20+ Striking Methods

  • 13 Forms and Combat Strategies

Come and be a part of this series!

What will I need?:

  • Training Kusari Fundo (Can be found on Amazon.com)

That’s it!

How much does it cost?:

  • YTMA students - Included with monthly tuition

  • Non-Enrolled Students $20 per class

All graduates will get a graduation scroll certificate stating that you have tested and completed all course requirements for this weapon!