Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts

Where "Protectors" Are Made!



Session 1

6pm-7:30pm - Controlling of Self

This will dive deep into internal balance points, Proper spinal alignment, and other secrets that teach you to have superior taijutsu nagare (flow).



Session 2

8pm-9:30pm - Kusari Basics

Kamae (postures), grip, and other fundamental strikes that will enhance your skills!


Session 1

6pm-7:30pm - Controlling the Attacker

This lesson will examine and explain the secrets of the attacker's kamae, speed, and how to interrupt their momentum. Lots of explanation and instruction on balance points, and creating control over those that would seek to harm you.



Session 2

8pm-9:30pm - Advanced Kusari

Continuation of the first night... Now you learn how to trap your attacker's violent intentions with this versatile weapon!


Morning Session - Advanced Taijutsu


This class is reserved for our Brown & Black Belts. Shihan will teach you secrets that Soke is currently showing in Japan. Learn directly from a 1st Generation student of Hatsumi, and feel the difference in timing and movement.

Afternoon Session - All Belts

2pm-4pm - Controlling Chaos

The last class of the seminar is where Shihan Joel Everett will tie it all together. Here he will put the last 2 days of training together and show how all of your training can be used to control the one thing that seems uncontrollable! You will also use your new Kusari Fundo skills and build some new taijutsu abilities!

We will take a group photo at the end of the seminar and have time to Shihan to explain his insightful views on our art.